The Sacred Cows


In society, paranoid and obsessed with captivating and managing the natural chaos of life, a woman in all her being still, to this day, possesses a specific kind of threat. It is not herself, personally, who is persecuted. It is her ability to transcend, to bridge and to transform – artistry that cannot be bought, although it is repeatedly exploited.

A story of women across the globe, enduring detrimental consequences to their body and psyche due to lack of knowledge, inadequate and inappropriate medical treatments, along with the systematic repression of female freedom and body autonomy.

The Sacred Cows project explores the visual topography of the monthly cycle, changing female nature, circulating through space and time.

This constant change becomes the only referencing point in the surrealistic dystopia of the modern time: restricted by the patriarchal, industrial, and technocratic society.

In this visual exploration of time and movement, I am creating semiotics of fluidity, transition, and circular motion. By embracing the intuition and flow in opposition to literal, this visual language portrays freedom that lies within.

Could images help to set free what has been restrained?